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Best Digital Weighing Scales, Cheap Price | CW280

Model Number:cw280

Power Supply: aaa battery

Display Type: led display

Product name: professional body weight scale bluetooth electronic scale

Color: White/Black

Capacity:180kg/ 400lb

Division: 0.1kg/0.2lb

Product size:280*280 mm

Battery:4*AAA batteries

Display: Large LED Display

Platform: 5mm Tempered Safety Glass

BT: BLE 4.0

System: iOS & Android


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Sleek Design, Reliable Performance:


Crafted with precision, the CW280 boasts a sleek, modern design that seamlessly fits into any space. Its durable platform, made from 5mm tempered safety glass, ensures both sturdiness and safety during use. Available in classic White or sleek Black, it effortlessly complements your surroundings.


Precision Measurement:


Equipped with advanced sensor technology, the CW280 delivers accurate readings with a capacity of up to 180kg (400lb). With a division of 0.1kg (0.2lb), it provides precise measurements for monitoring your weight fluctuations effectively.


User-Friendly Features:


Featuring a large LED display, the CW280 ensures clear visibility of your weight readings, even in low-light conditions. The intuitive design makes it easy to read and interpret your weight at a glance. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, it offers long-lasting performance, ensuring uninterrupted usability.


Bluetooth Connectivity for Enhanced Tracking:


Take your weight management to the next level with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) connectivity. Seamlessly sync the CW280 with your iOS or Android device to track your progress effortlessly. Whether you're monitoring your weight loss journey or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the accompanying app provides insightful data and personalized insights to keep you motivated.


Versatile and Affordable:


Designed to meet your needs without breaking the bank, the CW280 stands out as an affordable yet high-quality option in the market. Its versatility makes it suitable for various settings, from home use to professional environments.


Which weighing scale is better digital、manual or mechanical ?


Choosing between digital and manual and mechanical weighing scales depends on your preferences, needs, and specific use cases. Here's a breakdown of the advantages of each type:


Digital Weighing Scale:


(1) Accuracy: Digital scales typically offer greater precision and accuracy in measurements compared to manual scales. They often provide readings to decimal points, making them suitable for precise weight monitoring.
(2) Ease of Use: Digital scales are user-friendly, with clear digital displays that are easy to read. They usually feature automatic calibration, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.
(3) Convenience: Digital scales often come with additional features such as memory storage, multiple user profiles, and Bluetooth connectivity for data tracking on smartphones or other devices. This makes them convenient for tracking weight trends over time.
(4) Quick Results: Digital scales provide instant readings, making them suitable for busy individuals who want quick and efficient weight measurements.


Manual Weighing Scale:


(1) Durability: Manual scales are often more robust and durable compared to digital scales. They don't rely on electronic components, reducing the risk of malfunctions or damage from battery failures.
(2) No Power Requirement: Manual scales do not require batteries or electricity to function, making them suitable for use in areas where power sources may be limited or unreliable.
(3) Simplicity: Manual scales are straightforward to use and maintain. They typically consist of a simple mechanism that involves no electronic components, reducing the likelihood of technical issues.
(4) Cost: Manual scales are generally more affordable upfront compared to digital scales. They are a cost-effective option for individuals on a budget or those who prefer simplicity over advanced features.


Mechanical Weighing Scale:


(1) Accuracy: Mechanical scales rely on springs or levers to measure weight, which may be subject to wear and tear over time, potentially affecting accuracy. While mechanical scales can still provide reliable readings, they might not offer the same level of precision as digital scales, especially for smaller weight increments.

(2) Convenience: Mechanical scales require manual adjustment and reading of the weight measurement using analog dials or markers. While they are straightforward to use, some users may find it more challenging to read the measurements accurately, particularly if the scale lacks clear markings or if the user has vision impairments.

(3) Durability: Mechanical scales are known for their robust construction and durability. They often feature sturdy metal or steel frames and mechanisms that are less prone to damage compared to electronic components. Mechanical scales can withstand rough handling and harsh environments, making them suitable for industrial or outdoor use.

(4) Cost:  Mechanical scales are often more affordable upfront compared to digital scales, making them a cost-effective option for budget-conscious consumers. While they may lack some of the advanced features found in digital scales, they still provide reliable weight measurements at a lower price point.




Q: How does a digital weighing scale work?


A digital weighing scale works by measuring the electrical resistance changes in a strain gauge or load cell placed beneath the scale platform. As weight is applied, the strain gauge deforms slightly, altering its resistance, which is then converted into a digital signal by the scale's internal circuitry. This signal is processed and displayed on the scale's digital screen as the weight measurement.


Q: How much is a digital weighing scale?


A: The price of a digital weighing scale varies depending on factors such as brand, features, capacity, and quality. Basic digital scales can be found for as low as $10 to $20, while more advanced models with additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity and body composition analysis can range from $20 to $100 or more.


Q: How to adjust a digital weighing scale?


A: Adjusting a digital weighing scale typically involves a calibration process. Refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer for specific instructions on how to calibrate your digital scale. This often involves pressing a calibration button or following a series of steps to ensure accurate weight measurements.


Q: How to change the battery in a digital weighing scale?


A: To change the battery in a digital weighing scale, follow these steps:
1. Turn off the scale and flip it over to access the battery compartment.
2. Open the battery compartment cover and remove the old batteries.
3. Insert new batteries into the compartment, ensuring they are inserted according to the indicated polarity.
4. Close the battery compartment cover securely.
5. Turn on the scale and test to ensure the new batteries are working properly.


Q: How to fix a digital weighing scale?


A: If your digital weighing scale is not functioning correctly, try the following troubleshooting steps:
(1) Ensure the scale is placed on a flat, stable surface.
(2) Check the battery level and replace the batteries if necessary.
(3) Calibrate the scale according to the manufacturer's instructions.
(4) Clean the scale's surface and sensors to remove any debris or dirt that may affect accuracy.


If the issue persists, contact the manufacturer's customer support for further assistance or repair options.


Q: How to set up a digital weighing scale?


A: Setting up a digital weighing scale typically involves placing the scale on a flat, stable surface and inserting the required batteries. Some scales may require additional setup steps such as calibration or pairing with a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Refer to the user manual for specific setup instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Q: How to turn on a digital weighing scale?


A: To turn on a digital weighing scale, simply press the power button located on the scale's control panel. Wait for the scale to initialize, and the display will show "0.0" or "Cal" (Calibrating) indicating that it is ready for use.


Q: How to use a digital weighing scale?


To use a digital weighing scale, follow these steps:
1. Place the scale on a flat, stable surface.
2. Step onto the scale or place the object to be weighed on the scale platform.
3. Stand still and ensure your weight is evenly distributed on the scale.
4. Wait for the weight measurement to stabilize, then read the displayed weight on the digital screen.
5. Step off the scale or remove the object from the platform, and turn off the scale to conserve battery power.


Q: How to open a digital weighing scale?


A: Opening a digital weighing scale may void the warranty and could potentially damage the scale if done incorrectly. If you need to access the internal components for maintenance or repair, refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer for instructions. It is advisable to contact the manufacturer's customer support for assistance with opening the scale safely.

Capacity: 180KG/400LBDivision: 0.1KG/0.2LB

Product size: 280*280*26 mm

Inner Packing: gift box 

Qty./Ctn.: 5 pcs

Master carton: 296*175*310 mm

N.W.: 6.1 Kg

G.W.: 7.8Kg 

20'GP:6475 pcs 

40'GP: 13335 pcs

40'HQ: 15240pcs

Battery: 3xAAAPlatform: 5mm tempered glass
Display: LEDUnit: KG / LB

● Attractive Design

● Equipped with 4 high precision sensors 

● Step power on/auto power-off

● Sensors: 4x Sensors - HighSensitive;

● Low battery and overload indication 

● Smart Reminder:Low Battery Reminder, Overload Reminder.

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