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Best Weight Scale, Solar Powered | CW289BLE


Capacity: 180KG/400LB

Product Size: 280*280*23mm

Inner Packing: gift box 294*38*292mm

Qty/Ctn.: 5 pcs

Master carton: 309*205*314mm

Photovoltaic (pv) power supply

Platform: 5mm tempered glass

LCD: 64*28mm

Unit: KG / LB / ST


Provide HD photo and videsProvide HD photo and vides Quick & in-time deliveryQuick & in-time delivery MOQ: 1pcsMOQ: 1pcs 24-hour on-line service24-hour on-line service
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CW289BLE Bluetooth Weight Scale for Real-Time Health Monitoring

CW289BLE bluetooth weight scale Featuring advanced bluetooth technology for easy connection to health management apps on smartphones, allowing users to monitor and record weight changes in real-time.


Capacity 180 kg / 396 lb, suitable for users of various body types, meeting the needs of different demographics. It utilizes high-precision sensors and a stable electronic structure to ensure accurate and reliable weight measurement results.


With 5mm tempered glass platform, stylish and durable, easy to clean and maintain. The LCD display shows weight in large fonts and allows for the selection of different weight units (kilograms, pounds, stones), catering to individual user preferences.


Powered by photovoltaic (solar) energy, it reduces energy consumption and aligns with sustainable development principles.






Custom Best Bluetooth Weight Scale Wholesale | UNIQUE 


We are a professional manufacturer specializing in smart scales: 35,000 square meters production area; a workforce of over 800+ people; annual output 15 million body scales; with 21 production lines, three of which are automated.


As a company focused on quality management, our quality standards are ensured by the efforts of 80 QA personnel and 150 quality testing machines.


We have passed several system certifications, including ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, BSCI, GRS, and FDA. These certifications demonstrate our commitment and practice in quality management, environmental protection, and social responsibility.


Additionally, our products have obtained multiple international certifications such as CE, RoHS, FCC, UKCA, JIS, KC, Telec, Sabre, and BQB, ensuring that our products meet the standards and requirements of markets worldwide.


We always adhere to a customer-oriented approach, dedicated to providing high-quality and reliable products that meet our customers' health management and lifestyle needs. 



CW289BLE Solar Powered Weight Scale

The light charging weight scale features efficient lighting and energy storage charging, with high-performance lithium batteries that can be powered by sunlight or regular household light. It's an ideal choice for consumers who seek products that align with a green home and lifestyle.


Powered by integrated solar cells, it easily harvests energy from any light source, whether it's sunlight or regular household light. It is the perfect option for health-conscious consumers looking for products that complement their green home and lifestyle, offering a worry-free 15-year long lifespan and energy savings.




Change batteries frequently


The dry battery lasts for about 2 months. When using it on the scale, there is no electricity. Buy a new battery to replace, please! 


Contaminated soil


An ordinary dry battery can make1 m2 of soil permanently lose its use value if it rots in the ground.


Polluted water


Scientific investigations show that an ordinary battery can pollute 600,000 liters of water after being thrown into nature, which is equival ent to a person's lifetime water consumption.







Need to recharge your body fat scale? 


Unique Scales adopts enlarged photovoltaic panels, which can charge with light energy and free battery change, which is more environmentally friendly.


Lasts 1268 days without light.


55.6*54.8mm photovoltaic panel with efficient energy storage, built-in large capacity of 500mah, upgraded low power sensing chip, sustainable work for 1268 days






CW289BLE Product Detail  


The second-generation sensor chip


Upgrade e-type high-precision sensor,100g precision measurement power consumption also decreases, intelligent APP records and analyzes.


Enlarge the scale surface. The scale is stable and safe


280* 280mm large scale surface, ergonomic, smooth and delicate texture, can be integrated into any home style without feeling. The large scale surface and the la/rge foot pad at the bottom prevent rollover, and the 44-yard foot can be easily used. On the scale, the whole family can use it safely.


High-strength tempered glass


Thickened 5mm glass, high-precision CNC grinding and polishing no fear of impact, making the measurement more secure.




Bluetooth Weight Scale with App


We've found that apps are often just as important as the hardware. We've also discovered that the experience greatly depends on how the scale wirelessly connects.


Over our 30 years of research, we've come to favor smart scales that transmit data via bluetooth rather than those that only send information via Wi-Fi. If there are connectivity issues with the smart scale (Wi-Fi connection) and its app, it can sometimes result in data loss.


Therefore, we always prioritize Bluetooth connectivity, considering the ability of a scale to transmit data via Wi-Fi (in addition to Bluetooth) as a nice feature, but not essential.




Body Weight Scale App 


Body Fat Weight Scale companion app designed to work seamlessly with the Body Fat Weight Scale.The app acts as a hub for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing your body composition data.Here are some of the key features commonly found in the Bathroom Body Fat Scale app:


(1) Data Syncing: Fibit App\Google Fit\Apple Health
(2) Comprehensive Analysis
(3) Progress Tracking
(4) Goal Setting
(5) Integration with Health Apps
(6) Reminders and Notifications
(7) APP supports 15 languages: Chinese/English/French/German/Korean 

/japanese/Russian/spanish/ltalian /Portuguese/Arabic/Czech/Polish/Hungarian






Q: What is the MOQ?
A: 1pcs body fat scale or kitchen scale for your own brand designs.


Q: Is the mobile APP can be customized? And Can I integrate it in our own application?
A: Yes, APP can be customized for body scales. And we offer the Bluetooth protocol and SDK for you to develop APP.


Q: Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?
A: Yes,cheaper prices for bigger orders.


Q: Can I add or delete items from my order if I change my mind?
A: Yes,but you need to tell us asap. If your order has been done in our production line, we are afraid we cannot change it. It is about 1 week after confirming the order.


Q: Can I get the pre-production sample?
A: Yes,we will send you scales pp samples, after you confirm,we will start production.


Q: When you ship my order?
A: Normally 30-45 days after receiving your deposit, but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule.


Q: How about the quality guarantee period?
A: One year. Any defective product we will make free compensation.


Q: How can you guarantee the production quality?
A: We have 30 years experience of QC team. We have strictly quality control system in our production process. From raw material to finished products, all components are strictly checked and controlled to ensure high quality of products before package.Third party inspection is also acceptable.


Q: What certifications you have?
A: We have CE, ROHS, FCC, TELEC, BQB,  MSDS, ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2016Medical, BSCI

Model Number:CW289
Product Size:280*280*22.5mm
Material:5mm safety tempered glass + ABS plastic bottom cover
Display:LCD (customized LCD color)
Measuring Technology:BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)
Bluetooth Device:BLE4.2 Smart Phone



NEW iWellness ( contact with us for the latest APP)

1. Accept custimized logo, name, icon of APP

2. Provide API/SDK&Protocol for your own APP developing

Certificate:CE, RHOS, FCC, BQB, ISO9001, ISO13485
Packaging:One scale in one PE bag, EPE foem protection, 5pcs in one carton




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