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Best Bathroom Scale with Body Fat Monitor | Model: CF588ble

When looking for the best digital bathroom scales for body fat wholesale, it's essential to consider a few factors such as accuracy, reliability, brand reputation, and cost-effectiveness.

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Model Number:CF588ble

Warranty:1 year

Customized support:OEM, ODM

Power Supply:4* AAA batteries

Display Type:TFT Digital Ddisplay

Product Name:bluetooth body weight scale


Platform:6mm Tempered Safety Glass

Bluetooth:BLE 4.0

Unit:Kg / lb /st

Sensor:4*Precision Sensor

System:iOS & Android

Capacity:180kg/396lb D= 0.1kg/0.2lb


Provide HD photo and videsProvide HD photo and vides Quick & in-time deliveryQuick & in-time delivery MOQ: 1pcsMOQ: 1pcs 24-hour on-line service24-hour on-line service
Description Technical data OEM&ODM



Best Bathroom Body Fat Scales Factory, Supplier and manufacturer in China


UNIQUE has 30 years of experience as a factory specializing in the development of body fat scales. We are committed to continuous innovation to meet our customers' needs for upgraded body fat scales.


We can provide APP custom development services to ensure integration with modern technology to make products smarter and more convenient. To ensure the quality and safety of our products, we provide various certifications and test reports to prove that the products comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


In addition, we offer OEM/ODM services to personalize our products according to the needs of our customers, ensuring that they are satisfied with products that match their brand image.






lTO Bathroom Body Fat Scales


The CF588ble body fat scale features automatic data calculation to quickly and accurately measure the user's weight and other health data. Equipped with a TFT HD display, users can clearly view the data and easily understand their health condition. Utilizes a high precision sensor to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results.


Supports Bluetooth and WiFi dual-mode connection, so users can choose a more convenient connection method. Unlimited user binding function allows the whole family to enjoy the convenience of smart health management. In addition, the lTO body fat scale also adopts ITo coating technology, which enhances the durability and aesthetics of the product and provides users with a more comfortable experience.



One time on the scale to decipher 56 data indicators


Whole body data can be obtained in one measurement and detailed body data.The second-generation chip is more accurate

BMI Visceral Fat 
Body FatBone Mass 
Muscle MassProtein 
Body Water Subcutaneous Fat
Fat Level BMR 
Lean Body Mass Weight 
Body TypeStandard Weight 
Heart Rate More Than




How do bathroom scales measure body fat?


Electrical Impedance: BIA sends a small electrical current through your body via the metal electrodes on the scale. This current flows more easily through tissues that have a high water content, such as muscle, and encounters resistance in tissues with less water, like fat.


Resistance Measurement: The scale measures the resistance to the electrical current. This resistance is influenced by the amount of fat and muscle mass in your body.


Body Fat Calculation: Based on the resistance measured and other factors such as height, weight, age, and sometimes gender, the scale uses a formula to estimate your body fat percentage.






TFT screen, read easily

TFT technology is commonly used in modern display screens, including those found on many bathroom body fat scales. 


(1) High Responsivity: TFT screens can respond quickly to changes in input signals, allowing for smooth and responsive display performance.


(2) High Brightness: TFT screens can achieve high levels of brightness, making them easy to read even in well-lit environments.


(3) High Contrast: TFT screens typically have excellent contrast ratios, resulting in sharp and vivid images with clear distinctions between light and dark areas.






WIFl/Bluetooth dual-mode real-time update


Bathroom body fat scales can connect to your home Wi-Fi network for data transfer or establish a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone or other device.


With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the scale can send measurement data in real time to your mobile app or other compatible device. This ensures that you have access to the most up-to-date information in a timely manner.


It provides data on metrics such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, BMI (Body Mass Index), and other measurements that may be relevant to your health. These measurements can be transferred in real time to your mobile app for tracking and analysis.


Overall, bathroom scales with dual-mode Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, real-time data updates, and scalable application systems offer convenience, flexibility, and the potential to continuously improve functionality and user experience.




Unlimited User Binding 


When multiple people use the UNIQUE Smart Scales, it can intelligently identify different users, record them separately, support multiple people's measurements without limitation, and store the data. You can also create accounts for family members and friends to record everyone's body measurements.


Although you do need to keep the instructions to hand to set up each profile, initially. Once up and running, we found the scale extremely accurate, and especially appreciated the fact it could be set to athlete mode to acknowledge different fitness levels.




Bathroom Body Fat Scale App


Open HealthU+ App, view data anytime and anywhere Fitness and weight loss need more scientific reference standards. See the process of your own transformation and adjust your fitness plan and diet based on your BMl.


(1) Data Syncing: Fibit App\Google Fit\Apple Health
(2) Comprehensive Analysis
(3) Progress Tracking
(4) Goal Setting
(5) Integration with Health Apps
(6) Reminders and Notifications
(7) APP supports 15 languages: Chinese/English/French/German/Korean/japanese /Russian/spanish/ltalian/Portuguese/Arabic/Czech/Polish/Hungarian


By integrating BMI data and offering personalized recommendations based on individual goals and health metrics, users can tailor their plans more effectively. This level of customization can make a significant difference in achieving desired results and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.







Q: What is the MOQ?
A: 1pcs body fat scale or kitchen scale for your own brand designs.


Q: Is the mobile APP can be customized? And Can I integrate it in our own application?
A: Yes, APP can be customized for body scales. And we offer the Bluetooth protocol and SDK for you to develop APP.


Q: Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?
A: Yes,cheaper prices for bigger orders.


Q: Can I add or delete items from my order if I change my mind?
A: Yes,but you need to tell us asap. If your order has been done in our production line, we are afraid we cannot change it. It is about 1 week after confirming the order.


Q: Can I get the pre-production sample?
A: Yes,we will send you scales pp samples, after you confirm,we will start production.


Q: When you ship my order?
A: Normally 30-45 days after receiving your deposit, but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule.


Q: How about the quality guarantee period?
A: One year. Any defective product we will make free compensation.


Q: How can you guarantee the production quality?
A: We have 30 years experience of QC team. We have strictly quality control system in our production process. From raw material to finished products, all components are strictly checked and controlled to ensure high quality of products before package.Third party inspection is also acceptable.


Q: What certifications you have?
A: We have CE, ROHS, FCC, TELEC, BQB,  MSDS, ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2016Medical, BSCI

Model Number:CF588bleWarranty:1 yearBluetooth:BLE 4.0
Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaSystem:iOS & Android





Scale size: 300*300*25mm

Inner Packing: gift box
Qty./Ctn.: 5 pcs

Capacity: 180kgs/396lbsDivision: 0.05kg/0.1lb
Battery: 4*AAA batteriesDisplay: TFT display
Platform:6mm tempered safety glass Unit: Kg / lb

● Bluetooth Low Energy Module compatible with iOS&Android systems
● 14 Measured Parameters: Body weight /Standard weight/ Body fat / Body water / BMI / BMR / Bone mass / Muscle mass / Visceral fat
/Protein /Fat level /Body Type/ Subcutaneous Fat Rate/ Lean Body mass and so on
● No limited users
● Equipped with 4 high precision sensors
● Step power on/auto power-off
● Low battery and overload indication

● TUYA app connected

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